Trust the Flashlight

Cocoa and I walked in the dark this morning–a power outage on most of our regular early route made using a flashlight a must.

As we walked, I thanked God for life, for the beauty of the trees against the dark grey sky, for the smooth pavement on which we walked, and for many more personal things. I also thanked God for showing us the way–not just on our morning walk but through life.

The saying, “God makes a way out of no way,” is true. When we cannot see the way ahead, God is there showing us the way.

We are in a time when many people seem to have lost their way.  A pastor–a pastor!–in Florida plans to burn a copy of the Quran. National leaders, who should know better, play on fear to stir up hatred of Islam.

It would be easy to be discouraged–in fact, at moments, I have felt that way. But then I remember God’s presence. I remember that Cocoa and I had a guide–not just my flashlight, but God calling us forward as Jesus walked beside us and the Holy Spirit provided power to take the steps.

Indeed, God is our divine flashlight, helping us see into, through, and beyond the dark.