No Confusion Here

A friend of mine recently celebrated two years of recovery in AA, a blessed time free from the daily scourge of drinking and using drugs. I am very proud of him, and many others I have known over the years who reclaim their lives from the demon of addiction.

Addiction may seem to clarify life–everything becomes about getting and using the drug of choice–but in reality it creates enormous confusion. When we live our lives in thrall to a thing, a substance, it eventually causes everything else in our lives to fall apart.

My friend experienced that disintegration–he hit his bottom, as folks in AA say–and he realized something one of my mentors says, “God is not the author of confusion.” The alcohol and  drugs had been the god that led him to disaster. God saved him, and showed him a different path, which, among other things, brought him back to church.

You may or may not be an active or even closet addict–many of us at least have some tendencies in that direction–but there is probably something that is sowing confusion in your life. It is not God.

Today, I draw courage from my friend, knowing I too can focus on God and let go of the things that are not God in my life.