Outrage, and Hope

The failure yesterday to overcome a filibuster in the Senate–resulting in a postponement of the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell (the military ban on open and affirming LGBT military personnel)–is outrageous. No doubt about it.

Senator McCain led the filibuster

Once again, Washington games managed to stand in the way of justice–and a strong majority of American citizens.

Of course, there is plenty of blame to go around. Fingers point to President Obama, Senator Reid, and other Democrats (including Virginia’s own senior Senator, Jim Webb). I am disappointed in all of them.

But they did fashion a compromise to pass repeal. Sadly, some Republican reactionaries mounted a filibuster. Without the filibuster, repeal would have passed.

And of course it will pass. If the courts don’t throw it out first. It is a good sign when the other side has to resort to a filibuster to thwart the majority.

The movement toward full equality for LGBT folks is messy, but it is inexorable. It has a momentum now that will not be stopped. It may be slowed, even experience real setbacks, but it will not be stopped.

In the midst of my outrage–its outrageous that valiant soldiers are forced to live lies in order to serve their country–I remember, yet again, that we are winning.