My Need Today

I am an introvert. That means that I draw strength from time spent without other people (and does not mean I don’t like people–I could not be a pastor if that were so). I cherish quiet times–even busy times–without other people. 

Achieving the balance I need in my life–sufficient time by myself and sufficient time with Jonathan, other family including Cocoa, church family and other friends–is not always easy.

There are mornings I want to walk with Cocoa by myself, but at the same time I crave more time with Jonathan. Some days, we have so little time together–our schedules are not all that compatible. So I weigh these competing needs as best I can, asking God to help me discern my greatest need. Of course, I am never truly alone: God is always present.

This morning, we–Jonathan, Cocoa, and I, and God–are walking together.

Thank you, God, for always being there, and helping me know what my need is today.