Is Your Rain Barrel Ready?

In Central Virginia, we were beginning to hear talk of drought. Voluntary water usage “rules” were being introduced.

Then, in the past several days, we have received much needed rain. You can already see greener greens.

As Jonathan and I walked Cocoa this morning–we in panchos, he getting soaked–I thought of how this pattern of drought/rain mirrors my spiritual life. I have experienced spiritual droughts before, times when I really wondered, “God are you there?”

And then the rains came–in the form of a friend unexpectedly caring for me, or seeing a child reach out to an adult clearly needing love, or reading some wisdom that broke through my resistance, or hearing someone speak of God in a way that reminds me that God never leaves.

Sometimes, these droughts last a long time–one of mine went on for about four years–and sometimes they last only a day or two (which might not seem like a drought, but in the moment life is very dry and brittle).

Jesus reminds us that “God’s rain falls on the just and the unjust.” So healing from drought is available to all.

What matters is that we have our rain barrel–our heart–ready to receive.