Capital Delight

I am in Washington, D.C. for a conference.

I cherish Washington–the rich variety of residential architecture, all the glorious public buildings and the gardens, the museums (I could happily spend the rest of my days in the Library of Congress), and the central fact: it is our nation’s capital.

For some, Washington is a problem, even the problem. For me, it is delight.

As I drove into the city yesterday, I remembered that about 40 years ago I had hoped to make my living here. I hoped to work for Congress for awhile, then maybe run for Congress at some point.

It didn’t work out, and that is probably good. I have had a good life without living or working here. I am truly fulfilled in my work as a pastor and I have “come home” in Richmond.  

Still, I feel a thrill each time I leave I-95 for I-395 and see the Pentagon, the Washington Monument and the Capitol in the distance. Then  arises the majesty of the Lincoln Memorial, and I get a real lump in my throat. I am glad to live so close to this magical place–even if the traffic getting in and out is horrendous.

We are a great nation, and have a great capital city.