Who Could Ask for Anything More?

Cocoa and I went for our customary 5:15 am Tuesday walk. The stars were beautiful, the waning crescent moon very sweet. And the crispness in the air reminded me that autumn is in full swing. No more summer (although we may have a few hot days yet).

No more summer. Bummer.  This is the time when I begin to dread what is coming . . . cold weather, maybe even snow at times.

Then I remember a promise I made to myself recently: live in the moment. Give up dread. Enjoy right now–find something to celebrate in the here and now. Give up fretting about there and then.

So, yes, the stars were beautiful, the moom a sweet sliver. Cocoa was happy sniffing at everything. I felt God’s presence–once I stopped focusing on my anxiety. One of my neighbors blinked his lights in response to my wave. And I had a warm home to come back to, food in the cupboard, a hot shower, and Jonathan making sweet sounds in his sleep.

Who could ask for anything more?