Have You Asked God?

When was the last time you came out of a hard time? Depression, losing your job or not finding one (or both), disease attacking your body or the body of someone you love, a loved one leaving you (by death or by ending your relationship), things at work going from bad to worse . . . most of us have been through these sorts of things in our lives.

Some of us are going through them right now.

Chances are, we’re looking for some inspiration.

The first miner is greeted by Chile's President

And I am finding it in the liberation of the Chilean miners. And in the decision by a federal judge to immediately stop all enforcement of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. And in knowing that people–many of whom hold opinions very different from my own–are debating, or trying to debate, the direction of our country.

Maybe what I am celebrating is persistence. Showing up, no matter what. Staying the course when you know it is the right course, and standing up against what you think is the wrong course.

I know this. No matter how discouraged we become, God is with us. The trick, as Abraham Lincoln said long ago, is to be with God–to be on God’s side.

Have you asked God today what She or He wants you to do? Its not too late, and the answer might save your life.