Eric, Where Are You?

I feel disrespected.

Congressman Eric Canton, who represents me in Washington, has decided not to debate his election opponents. He has said that the debate would become a “food fight.”

Now, I disagree him on just about everything. It is only fair that you know that.

Hon. Eric Cantor, M.C.

But until now I respected him. I know his colleagues have given him considerable power, and clearly he is an intelligent public servant. 

I felt sure he respected me. But now I see that he is like so many others (Republican and Democrat) who forget for whom they work.

He has $1.2 million in campaign funds in the bank, so who needs his constituents? We don’t really count. He doesn’t have to show up at a public meeting and let us evaluate him side-by-side with his opponents (a Democrat and a Libertarian). As a matter of fact, I don’t recall him showing up much of anywhere in “our” district so we ordinary types can meet him and question him.

When was the last time he held a town meeting to take questions from his constituents? Maybe it was recent, but I did not hear about it. If anyone who reads this can correct the record, please do so. I’d like to be wrong. 

But, in the meantime, I must ask, “Eric, where are you?”