God Will See Us Through

U.S. elections are only a week away. Tension is mounting. Will the Republicans enjoy a massive sweep? Or will the Democrats hang on?

I am not a cynic about this. The outcome matters. The two parties are different–more so than they used to be.

But I also am not one who believes much of the hype.

I remember four years ago, after the Democrats swept the congressional elections, when the pundits were practically predicting the end of the Republican Party (as they had done to the Democrats after President Bush won re-election two years before that). Just two years ago, many thought President Obama was invincible.

Oh my.

The country will be different because of this election, however it goes. But it is highly unlikely that either party will go out of business, or that our entire system will change. I simply do not become unglued by these things.

Maybe it is because my zodiac sign is Libra, the scales in balance. Or maybe it is because I know that the politicians, and the government in which they labor, are not the supreme power of the land, indeed of the universe. 

God will see us through, whether we rejoice, or mourn, next Tuesday.