The Big Lie

I am a religious and political liberal. I make no bones about it.

But I also appreciate the contributions of religious and political conservatives to our common life.

In my experience, good ideas often come from the interplay of these seemingly contradictory impulses. But in order for that to work we have to tell the truth about ourselves, and each other.

Which is why I am so appalled by the repetition by conservative politicians of what feels to me like the Big Lie: Democrats (or “Washington,” seemingly the most evil place on earth) raise taxes, while Republicans (the not-Washington party that seems to want to get back there pretty badly) cut them.

The truth is that part of the Stimulus legislation cut taxes for 95% of Americans–$288 billion in tax cuts. That was done with no Republican votes in the House and only three in the Senate–the rest voted against cutting taxes.

There is room to debate whether the Stimulus Package worked or not–I say yes, but also it seems that it did not work as well as backers claimed it would–but there is not room for debate on the fact that taxes were cut.

The Richmond Times-Dispatch is now offering Politi-Fact VA, a review of claims by politicians for their truthfulness. Check it out T-D, tell us who is spreading the Big Lie.