Is It the Right Time?

The fall colors have turned out to be pretty spectacular around Richmond. After a real lack of rain, many feared muted colors. But the display continues to be spectacular. I have noticed that orange leaves seem especially vibrant this year.

But another display is beginning as well.

Even before all the leaves have fallen–the trees look pretty full to me yet–I saw my first lighted Christmas tree on Friday. Cocoa and I were out walking before daybreak, and as we walked by one house I noted their Christmas tree glowing brightly.

Oh dear.

I know the stores have been displaying Christmas for some time now, but I was shocked to see a home tree so early–well before Thanksgiving.

Maybe my internal curmudgeon is showing, but I really like Christmas to come after Thanksgiving–just like I prefer Thanksgiving to occur after Halloween. I believe life is generally more rich when there is an order to things.

I know that I can no more control when our neighbors put up their Christmas tree than I can control when the leaves change color.  But I am relieved that the trees seem to know when the time is right. Maybe we could learn from them.