The Two ‘Spirations

The last few weeks have been pretty hectic for me, especially in church as we geared up for congregational annual meeting and began to wrap up our annual giving campaign for 2011. Both turned out really well, and I feel good about all the work.

As I reflected on it yesterday, I was reminded of the old story of the “two ‘spirations.” You must have both if you want to achieve something worthwhile. If either is missing, you won’t make your goal.

Inspiration is vital. Just working hard, plodding ahead, is never enough. You must have regular, ongoing inspiration.  

But inspiration without perspiration inevitably leads to failure. There are moments in any good endeavor when it can feel impossible. The odds can seem, and often are, daunting. That is when perspiration comes in.

An old mentor of mine spoke of it a bit differently, but the point was the same. He said that without prayer and sweat nothing good ever got done.

Well, I know I prayed a lot over the past few weeks, and I really did sweat!

What in your life needs a little more prayer and sweat, a healthy dose of the “two ‘spirations?”