In God We Trust–What About the Rest of Us?

As usual, there is a lot of noise about sex, but little wisdom. I refer to the furor over new security procedures at airports.

Yes, it is at least partly about sex–a subject Americans are mostly unwilling to engage directly. “No way they’re gonna touch my ‘junk,'” said one man. He sounds like one of those straight men who is sure every gay man (apparently we lack any taste or discernment or self-respect) wants to bed him.

Others are worried that the full-body scans will reveal private parts to investigators. When was the last time you went to the doctor? I went last week for my annual physical, and well . . .  my doctor and I got pretty intimate (if you know what I mean–wink, wink).

The reality is that terrorists want to harm us. Personally, I am willing to undergo more indignity if it will help keep them from succeeding.

Of course, the vast, vast majority of airline travelers are not terrorists, or even sympathetic to them, but until we develop better technology–and it is coming–this appears to be the best we can do.

In the meantime, let us trust that these professionals–people we charge with an impossible job of finding the terrorist needle in the haystack–will be as careful and respectful as possible of each one of us. And that “the government” is not trying to build a database of pictures of everyone’s sex organs–or any other nonsense that is out there.

Maybe it is about trust. We say as a nation that we trust in God. I often doubt that. And I am pretty sure we don’t trust each other.