Spend More? Prayer Is Free

According to early accounts, Black Friday was a success this year. That means that the Thanksgiving weekend produced enough sales for merchants to see the possibility of making some profit for the year.

I am glad for them. No one wants to see more businesses fail. In fact, we want them to succeed, and new ones to start up and thrive.

However, I also–and my internal curmudgeon may be showing again–am distressed at how Thanksgiving has become so laced with profits. I want more prophets in Thanksgiving.

My vision for the United States is a land of prosperity alright, but the bedrock of that is spiritual strength, not material success. We will not build the nation God calls us to build on the quicksand of market strategies. We will only build that nation on the bedrock of God and our faith in God (by whatever name you call God).

I am not reading the atheists out of this, not by far, but I do believe that the people of God must rest our visions, our hopes, our achievements, on the God we claim to trust.

Go ahead, spend more, if you can. But let us not forget that prayer is free–and those profits are enormous.