An Ounce of Prevention

Recently, some folks have been looking at me strangely, even asking, with a note of concern in their voice, “How are you feeling?”

I know why they do this, although I really wish they would just ignore the strange red blotches on my face. I want to forget them.

They occur because three nights each week for the past few weeks I have been applying Fluorouracil 5% Cream to my face. And I will keep doing that for another six weeks, even though I know that the red blotches will get bigger, and even begin to look like scabs or eczema.

But I have to stop ignoring people’s concern. I heard two different people wonder if I have skin cancer. I don’t want the wonderful people in the church I serve to think their pastor has cancer.

This is especially true because I am applying this topical cream to rid myself of pre-cancerous skin growths–in other words, I am  preventing cancer. My dermatologist has said that if I do not apply this cream now and let it bring the growths to the surface where they are sloughed off, then in five to ten years I will have skin cancer. And it will be an ugly mess to remove.

So, I look diseased today, but the cost of some stares, and the occasional unpleasant irritation, is worth it.

An ounce of prevention is indeed worth a pound of cure.