Love Like God?

The other day I was stuck for a few hours at the garage where my car is serviced. 

I had a feeling this would happen, so I took a good book, some newspapers, and my laptop. I also knew that I would have to endure the lobby television.

I did some work on my laptop, and some reading. And I practiced my still-developing skill in tuning out unwanted noise.

When I first arrived, however, an evangelizing preacher and his wife caught some of my attention. Mostly, they and their guests did not appeal to me.

But I heard two pieces of wisdom that I will never forget. Here is one: Its not enough to love God, we have to love like God.

I’m sure others have said it, maybe I have even said it sometime, but in that moment it got right inside me. I thought, “I love God, alright, but the fruit of that love is to do as God does. How well do It do that?”

Then I thought of the church I serve: we come to church because God loves us, and we love God, but the point of staying is to learn, and to help each other, to love like God. How well do we do that?

I can fall into the trap of thinking television evangelists don’t have much to say to me. But I forget that God is working through even those with whom I often disagree.