The Yin Yang of Life

Today is the winter solstice, the day of shortest daylight. It also marks the beginning of movement toward the day, six months hence, of the longest daylight.

It is typical to see dark as the opposite of light, night as the opposite of day. But that presumes that each is a fixed reality, a concrete thing.

It is not so. Each is meaningless without the other. Indeed, it may be more accurate to see them as a process, always in movement, to and fro, even swirling around each other.

It is like gender in that respect. Our society is set up on the conceit of two fixed, “opposite” genders. You are either one or the other.

It is not so. No one person is entirely all male or all female. And as we age, some men tend to develop more female characteristics, and women to develop more male ones.

Why do we have this need to get things fixed, battened down, especially creating opposition when none exists (or at least it is more complicated than a binary)?

I am sure the psychologists and psychoanalysts have theories that explain all this. Speaking from a faith perspective, I can only say that such need for certainty, for fixedness, comes from not trusting God.

God is so much bigger and more complex than any lockbox into which we try to put  . . . . God. And God’s world is the same way.

So, let’s ease up, and enjoy life the way God intends it to be.