A Rich Life

I am getting ready to leave in the morning for a quick visit with my family in northern Michigan.

Robin & Nancy

I am so excited to be seeing our three daughters, and son-in-law, as well as my beloved sister, Nancy, and her family. I am sad that Jonathan is unable to join us, but know it will be a good visit.

I was supposed to fly out Sunday afternoon, but the snowfall prevented that. The earliest flight I could get was Tuesday morning, effectively losing a whole day of an already short visit (I return Thursday night).

Still, I am glad to be doing this, certainly because I miss my family–and because I have been having feelings of homesickness for Michigan.

Richmond and Virginia are truly home to me now (and for the rest of my life, I think). I know Jonathan feels the same way–but I do have Michigan in my blood. Even though I grew up in southeastern Michigan–40 miles northwest of Detroit–I have fond memories spent in northern Michigan during my youth.

How blessed I am.

Such a rich life–filled with love and adventure and good work, and most of all, God.