Happy Birthday, Robin!

The Robins Gorsline

Today is a special day for Robin Gorsline. Actually two Robin Gorslines.

Robin Irene Gorsline celebrates her 28th birthday today, and Robin Hawley Gorsline celebrates with her–a proud, loving father grateful that his youngest is doing so very well.

I remember well the day in 1982–in Boston–when Judy Gorsline gave birth to this new treasure. Although Judy and I had already agreed to divorce, we both loved this new one and were grateful to bring her home safely to her growing sisters.

It was not an easy time for us, but Judy and I loved our daughters, and were determined to help them grow into strong, vibrant young women. Our dreams have been amply rewarded.

I am thrilled to be with Robin on her birthday–something that has not happened for some years–and to share this with her sisters and so much family.

Of course, I wish Judy could be joining us. Actually, knowing her, she will be. And I know she shares my pride and joy.