Look Over Here!

One of my daily mediation books begins today’s entry this way: Like a plant that moves to face the sun, let me turn my attention to the beauty and joy of life.

I am excited to return to work today after a week’s (wonderful) vacation, so this suggestion feels timely. But then it occurs to me that inevitably something will not go well–or at least the way I want it to go–today, or certainly by tomorrow. What then? Will I still feel like turning my attention to the beauty and joy of life?

That is the key, is it not? Willingness to keep the focus even when events can so easily turn us another way.

This is where God comes in, at least for me. I can will myself to keep my eye on beauty and joy, but my will is not powerful enough to withstand the onslaught of life. I will lose the focus if I rely only on myself.

I must trust God. God is the author of the beauty and joy of life, and wants me to enjoy that beauty and that joy all the time.

Thank you, God, for these gifts, and for sharing your strength with me to enjoy them, no matter what.