Praise God for Cocoa!

Our Cocoa came home last night.

We are overjoyed to have him home, even if he looks pretty groggy and just sleeps. He had surgery in the night on Tuesday–the surgeon cut open his stomach and righted it and then secured it to something inside him.

I don’t understand much of this–we took him in because of lethargy, refusal to eat, and unsuccessful attempts at vomiting–and the doctors thought he might have “bloating,” a condition where the stomachs of larger dogs “flip.” This can cause quick death because the intestines and other things get tangled up and blood flow stops.

Now, they are not sure what caused his symptoms on Tuesday. So, maybe the surgery helped, or maybe it just made him miserable and cost us a lot of money.

But its okay. More than okay. He is alive, and he is home. And we are happy to nurse him back to his beautiful, loving, playful self.

In my book, dogs are the gold standard for devotion and unconditional love (maybe that is why dog spelled backwards is God). And Cocoa is the gold standard of the gold standard.

Thank you, God, for our Cocoa.