How I Lost, and then Found, My Serenity at Kroger

I almost had a bad day yesterday.

While there were many good things happening–lunch with a friend and co-worker in the cause of justice, for example–my plans kept getting upended. Some people were in crisis . . . and pretty soon I was, too.

The low point happened when I carried my personal journal into Kroger with me and then left it in my shopping cart. When I got to my car and realized I did not have it, I panicked. I ran back inside, questioned the check-out clerk and began to search every cart I could find. I noticed some people looking at me with concern: I imagine I had a crazed look on my face (that’s how I felt inside). I visited customer service several times, too.

Eventually, after what felt like three hours but was more like 20 minutes, a supervisor came to me with my journal. A shopper had found it when emptying her cart and gave it to the cashier who turned it in to her supervisor who then gave it to me.

In that moment, I stopped, thanked God and the supervisor, and remembered something I read recently: Serenity isn’t a matter of chance, it’s a matter of choice.

I took a deep breath, thanked the store personnel again, and went to my car. I took a few moments to pray and thank God for providing the peace I need.

Things kept happening the rest of the day, but the peace did not leave me–because I chose to accept and trust it. Thank you, God, for helping me remember–and thank you, self, for remembering–what really counts.