And All That Jazz!

I found a new sweet spot in Richmond last night–Jonathan already knew it, but it was my first time. We went to the cafe at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts for some light supper and jazz, and to celebrate the birthday of our friend, Margaret Ellis.

This was exactly the right spot to celebrate Margaret, she of the gorgeous contralto voice that sends shivers up and down your spine when she lets go with a gospel testimony.  We at church know her for that music, but the music of her soul is jazz. And they have jazz at the VMFA on Thursday nights!

Jazz is one of the things Margaret and I have in common, but she has the voice for it. I can only listen. Besides, she is a longtime member of the Richmond Jazz Society.

Emme St. James

We missed Emme St. James singing Happy Birthday to Margaret, but what we did hear Emme sing was superb, as was the combo backing her up. You can be sure I’ll be back again soon.

You know, for a small-ish place (as important cities go), Richmond is loaded with jewels. The new VMFA, and its Thursday night jazz and cafe nights (free admission to the museum), certainly adds to our community’s crown of jewels.

I feel very blessed.