God Is Better Than Even Maple Syrup

I missed out on the pancakes.

It was Shrove Tuesday yesterday, and the tradition from my youth is that you eat pancakes for dinner on that day–to get ready for self-denial in Lent. I love maple syrup–the real kind, not the fake Mrs. Butterworth or Aunt Jemina kind–so I am always glad to eat pancakes. But I ate soup and crackers instead.

In truth I long ago gave up on the idea that I have to stuff myself with syrup one night so the next day I can deprive myself of things I enjoy. For me, Lent is not about denying myself. Instead, it is about not denying God.

So, during Lent I focus on improving my relationship with God. This year, I also am focusing on my relationships with others–partly by reading the book, Love at Last Sight by Kerry and Chris Shook, with others at church, and partly by taking extra time in prayer and meditation. I also am doing some cleaning and organizing–believing that my messiness and disorganization gets in the way of living with God at my center.

All that is good for me. I hope it will be good for others, too–my family, the church, maybe even others.

But I do miss the pancakes, and the syrup.