When Was It, Lord, that We Saw You Hungry, and Gave You Food?

As I write, volunteers are responding to homeless people and others who are coming to church for food. It is the day of our biweekly MCC Richmond Food Pantry.

I am one of the world’s blessed people–I have never known hunger. Oh, there were times in my childhood–when my father’s business was struggling–when we ate whatever the cheapest thing was that my mother could cook (my irrantional aversion to eggplant may date from this time). But we never went without a meal, an ample and reasonably nutritious  meal.

So many hundreds of millions around the globe cannot say that. So many can’t say that even in Central Virginia.

Thus, I am grateful to all those who contribute to our Food Pantry, and to Kent, Brad, Bubba, and others who help. This is part of our Christian–and human–dutry: to feed the hungry. I also am grateful to Tigger and Sally and Lydia and others who organize a semi-annual drive to provide personal care items for the homeless.

The rest of us support them through our donations–canned and dry goods, juice cartons and other beverages, and financial donations.

But is that enough? Are you praying every day to end hunger in the world? Are you also contributing to Oxfam or Mercy Corps or other programs to combat global hunger and poverty? Are you writing your Senators and Representatives to make sure they provide government funds for relief?

And are you helping people you encounter–on the street, in the parking lot, wherever you go–who ask for help? When I draw back, or am skeptical, I remember that each one has the face of Christ, and the heart of God–the hungry and homeless are as loved by God as you and me.

Perhaps in their time of need, they are loved even more.