A Ride for the Soul

I am writing this on a MegaBus from New York City to Washington, D.C., on my way back to Richmond after visiting my daughter Meg, her husband Kevin, and their daughter (and our granddaughter)-to-be (her name is not yet entirely settled so I can’t share it yet).

The trip back to Richmond from New York is costing me $13. The trip up on Sunday cost $41. This is a real deal. The pricing seems to depend on when you make and pay for your reservation, and how many others have already done so.

Of course, the seats are cramped, even though they are better than Greyhound at this point–and some buses are double-decker, which is fun.  And they do have WiFi, which is why I can write and post this.

One downside is that they have no terminal, so waiting for the bus is an outside business–fine if it is a nice day, not so when is it is too cold or hot, or raining. Still, if you have been a Greyhound Bus terminal lately, you may not think this is such a disadvantage.

MegaBus is one of several upstart companies seeking to capture portions of the traveling public who don’t have much money–students are big customers and families with lots of children (and poor pastors). Their routine also favors people going between two cities, not multiple legs as I am doing (Richmond to Washington, Washington to New York, then back).

This is entrepreneurial spirit at its best. Their people are passionate, and they’ll probably get it more and more right over time.

I wish them well, although I admit I would fly or take the train if I could afford it. My body tends to ache a lot after a few hours of confinement–but then more than one holy person has advised that adventure and a few aches and pains are good for the soul.