How About a Little Prayer in Washington?

What is wrong with our government? Or more to the point, what is wrong with our leaders?

I hear some of them say all the time, “We have to live within our means. American families have to do that, and so do we.”

Well, I say to them, and those who oppose them, too: American families don’t have the luxury of just shutting down, of just sitting down and saying, “Its too hard, so we quit.”  Sure, some folks divorce, but they still have to go on with their lives. And if there are children, they really have to keep things going.

What seems to be missing in all this huffing and puffing is simple listening. Our leaders have forgotten how to listen:  to each other, and to the God of their understanding. And too many of them have decided that they, and only they, know what is right. 

I know about this, because there are time when I act like this, too. Or at least I have in the past (don’t ask my husband, he may remember a more recent outbreak). Eventually, I realize I am acting out some childhood scenario. Jonathan usually helps me work through it and so I can move on. And prayer really helps; God always helps me.

Its time for our leaders to do the same. If they need help, the love seat in my office is available. We can pray together.

I think they even have a chapel in the Capitol. It hope it is very full these days.

And if they fail in their basic responsibilities, and the government shuts down, I am sure there are many priests and pastors available for confession. I know I am. And God is always available.